About Me

Born (a long time ago) to write genre

Not that you’re interested in me, but herein are a few particulars about your obedient servant….

My name is Melinda Young, and I’m a storyteller and true believer in the power of fiction to make things real. I’m an indie writer and publisher with several novels available where fine ebooks are sold: THE COUNTERFEIT PRINCESS and CAPTIVE SOULS written under my own name and EXPECTATIONS: THE TRANSFORMATION OF MISS ANNE DE BOUGH (PRIDE AND PREJUDICE CONTINUED) under the pen name Melinda Wellesley. Currently in the works is the COUNTERFEIT PRINCESS sequel, THREE KINGS. My Goodreads author page provides a list of what I currently have available, including a smattering of my fan fiction. (Thanks to the unknown person who uploaded that info!)

When I’m not writing original fiction or writing about writing, I enjoy quilting, taking photos, avoiding my chores by writing fan fiction, and slowly making progress with tidying up my stubbornly chaotic home. The header photo is of the Royal typewriter I inherited from my grandfather the newspaper editor (not my other grandfather the cowboy). I hammered out my first fiction on those keys when I was 12.

My posts fall into two basic categories: information about my own writing, and helpful details I’ve gathered over the years about writing fiction. Regardless of why you landed here, I hope you find something useful to carry with you on your journey as a reader or a writer.

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